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iTunes. The perfect partner for your new iPod or iPhone. Latest version. Apple made popular this full-featured mp3 player-organizer and now it has a new version which is available for Windows users too. iTunes is thought to be one of the most completes tools to organize and play mp3 music files and the perfect partner for your iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano, iPod touch or iPhone. No matter the iPod you have, iTunes will suit it perfectly. With iTunes you will be able to create and edit your playlists, search for your sound collection, create CD jewel inserts using album art and song listings. copy to your HD the music in your CDs or even create and burn your own CDs. And now it includes a video player-organizer, fully featured like its mp3 brother, so now is more complete than ever. Now you can organize all your music, videos, podcasts, audiobooks, etc. And if you have an iPod or an iPhone, you can sync it with iTunes, fast, effortless, and simple with the built-in Auto-Sync. Keep your iPod filled with all the newest additions to your iTunes library. background Layer 1. License Free background Layer 1. Category Media Players background Layer 1. Language. Spanish English Portuguese French German Italian Chinese Japanese Arabic Russian Dutch Polish Czech Danish Finnish Greek Hindi Korean Norwegian Swedish Turkish Català. Downloads 6,723,098 background Layer 1. iTunes Download App for Android, Windows & iPhone Store Free. Welcome, friends here is an article on iTunes Download for Android, iPhones, & Windows for our readers. We are going to discuss on the App store and how our readers can make use of the services provided by the iTunes Store. Also, we will see the possibility with iTunes for Android. iTunes is the creation of the Apple company which has its own standard and fame throughout the globe. We know that when we talk of iPhone or the iPad, we relate all the features that are compatible with the iOS platform. Though, as time passes, the system is becoming more flexible and adaptable to apps and Softwares from external resources. So iTunes Download is possible. If you are having any doubt or wish to understand the iTunes world, then read this article to get all the information. Get more information on iTunes Download App for Android, iPhone, & Windows. iTunes Download for iPhone & Android. The iTunes software is originated with Apple’s development and simply would withstand any iOS platform device. All Apple products are made compatible with the iTunes Download app and iTunes Store. This makes the users reach several distinct services. Similarly, the Android Platform is also trying to adapt the iTunes download of media player and store contents. There are several ways we can incorporate the iTunes for Android system and we have listed a few for our readers in the respective section. But first, let us take a look at some of the features that the iTunes Download app has to offer to the iPhone and Android users. Allows audio file playback with several audio format compatibility. Users can open any stream in the iTunes by entering the URL address. The users can enjoy online Radio channels using the internet presets. iTunes displays all available CD track info when you insert the disk. Users can change the information if it is wrong. Easy file formats conversion is possible over the iTunes App platform. Users can download files to portable music players. Ping feature: Apple has tried to put a social networking feature in the iTunes Download app. With the new Ping feature, users can follow their favorite artists and see what they like to hear. You can also follow your friends over the Ping network based in the iTunes App. Using the auto sync feature, users can sync their favorite media over several iOS devices, provided they use the same iTunes account for each device. This way they do not have to look for every track they wish to have. Users can download videos, TV shows and movies through the iTunes store network. So, from i itunes download for android this list of features, you must be getting the whole picture. The iTunes Download is a great application based for media transfer and organization. Easy for the iPhone users to get, as this application is inbuilt on the iOS platform. Whereas for Android devices, we will have to look for some tricks and techniques to get the iTunes for Android download. Download iTunes for Android. For many reasons, we know that there are more Android users in the world than the Apple’s iOS device users. But sometines, even android users wants iTunes Download for them. Though iOS devices offer varied capabilities using the iPod for music, iPhone smartphone, the Macbook laptops and the iPad. There is a lack of endurance among users and this will carry on as the competition between the Android and iOS platform rage on. In our article, we have discussed the benefits of the iTunes Download App for Android users. In the past, people used the iPod for their music entertainment but now no one wishes to move around with several devices simultaneously. Thanks to the advancement in the smartphones industry, we are capable of tuning the device for music too. Here is a list of methods by which you can get the iTunes Download for Android app on your device: Use of Google Play Music: We can transfer the iTunes to our Android devices by using the Google Play Music application. This is a storage for about 50,000 songs and can be integrated with the mobile and PC devices easily. To synchronize the iTunes and Google Play Music, users have to download the Google Music Manager for desktop and Google Play music for the Mobile devices. Then follow the steps given here: Launch the programs on individual devices and add the Google account details in it first. Describe the location or target to which you want to download your files – select “iTunes” for our case. Google Music Manager will begin uploading the music contents from it. It i itunes download for android will make iTunes Download Possible. The mobile version will sync with your device and Google Play Music will show your music files in the “My Library” section. For larger music collection download, the time to complete may be more. You do not need to physically connect the two devices together. You can leave the transfer to the Music manager and carry on with other work. Use of iSyncr: Nowadays, there are several apps that can help users transfer their iTunes media to the Android devices. After few tests, the iSyncr app is found to have most efficiency and reliability. To download the iSyncr app, Android users have to simply open their Google Play Store app and search for the app. There you will see several results. Select the appropriate one and install it on your Desktop. Nex, follow these steps; Connect your Android device to the PC. Next, open the iSyncr app on your PC. The screen will open where you have to select the option for transferring the music files. Tick mark the box with iTunes option on it and then select sync option. Your iTunes files will begin to transfer into your Android device storage. Finally, you will have all your iTunes media content on your Android device. You can play them using any other media player on your device, though the iSyncr developers suggest that you use the Rocket Player app. Use of Apple Music App: Normally, the iOS apps do not meet compatibility with the Android devices. But they have created an app that can link the iTunes of previous Apple’ users to their new Android systems. The app name is Apple Music and is especially for all users who have used iTunes earlier and wish to restore their music lists on their Android device. Here is a link to the Apple Music app download for Android devices: Now, because this app is an Apple creation, that’s why the user has to have an Apple account. It is the same iTunes account that the user can use on this app on the Android device. So, here are some of the methods by which users can get the iTunes for Android services on their device. Though there is no evidence for any official iTunes for Android app, thus these methods are worth a shot. iTunes for Windows Download. Since this app is so fascinating, every device users wish to get it. So, here in this section, we have elaborated some steps for our readers who would be interested in the iTunes Download for their Windows PC. Moreover, using the iTunes App on the PC will allow the user to have more battery power and storage allowance. Fortunately enough, the iTunes App is available for Windows from its official website. We have provided the link for our readers to access the website easily. We request you to read all the steps first and then move to downloading the app on your Windows PC. Initially, you must have a compatible Windows device for successful iTunes Download App. Here are some system requirements that you must consider before downloading the iTunes App. Windows version should be Windows 7 or higher. PC must be having 1GHZ Intel or AMD processor. Minimum 512MB RAM. DirectX 9.0-compatible video card must be available. Screen resolution should be 1024*786 or more. About 400MB free disk space of the device. Now here are the steps for our readers to get the iTunes Download App: Go to the link given here and fill the required details and download the iTunes App for your Windows PC. The download will begin after you click the “Download now” tab. Windows will require your permission to save or run the installation directly. Select whichever you wish and do iTunes Download App on your Windows. Then, the iTunes setup file will prompt up to install the application on your device. Select the file location and then proceed. Now allow the installation to begin by accepting the terms and conditions. The installer will prompt few more basic selections for the user to configure the iTunes App like; App Language, Selecting iTunes as default player or iTunes shortcut keys on the desktop. Then wait till the installation completes. When the installation is complete and you launch the iTunes App, you will have to open your iTunes account for setup. Finally, you can sync your iOS devices with your Windows PC and use the iTunes App accordingly. The app will also play media files through the internet network on your Windows device. So, you see, the steps are as simple as they can be and all you need is a decent internet connection to get you through the iTunes Download for Windows. iTunes for PC Mac Free Download. The Mac Book device is Apple’s creation and hence it has an inbuilt iTunes application in it. The users who purchase the Mac device do not have to purchase the iTunes App separately. But if some user looses the access or accidently removes the whole iTunes setup from his/her Mac then they have to re-install it. Again for that, there are no CDs with iTunes version available in the market like for other Softwares. Thanks to the modernization and advancement in technology, users can download the setup through the internet. There is a series of steps that you need to follow, to successfully download the Mac version of iTunes download app. First, we will see the system requirements of the Mac device for iTunes App. The Software requirement is OS X Version 10.9.5 (or higher) Mac computer with 2.4 GHZ Intel core Processor(or faster) Optimum resolution to be 1024*768 or more. 2GB RAM and 400MB free disk space. Now, the process for iTunes download for Mac is similar to that of Windows. Follow the steps given here to download the iTunes App on your Mac device: Click on the link and fill the required details there. If you are using a Mac to download the version, the link page will automatically detect the device and ask you to download the latest version of the iTunes App. Select “download” option and select the files location details. Accept the ‘Terms and Conditions’, then configure your iTunes with some extra specifications as asked on the screen. Finally, click “install” button to initiate the installation. An authentication message will pop up asking for your computer login details. Note that this is the Mac device login details and not your iTunes account details. Enter the details correctly and then select ‘Ok’. The installation will begin. The iTunes App will finish installation in a minute or so (depending on your internet connection), then select “finish” or “close” option. After completing all the steps, you will be able to use the iTunes download app easily. You have to log in your iTunes account details when you launch the app for the first time after download. If you are a Mac user and you have missed out the iTunes App or are looking for a way to get it back on your Mac device then these steps will get you out of trouble. What is iTunes App Store? The iTunes Store contains a huge collection of music tracks that plays with your iPod, iPhone or computer. It is one of the greatest advantages of having an iPhone or iPad or iPod where the users can stream any music file of their choice from the iTunes Store. The iTunes Store contains the largest collection of legal apps and numbers hit around 700,000 apps. All the purchases done are saved in Cloud so there were no issues of storage. The Apple’s iTunes Store has an abundant collection of music, videos, games and apps that made this store the largest one in the world. So, here we will also discuss the requirements of the iTunes Store from your device in order to run the apps effectively: You need an iPhone 3G or higher version, an iPad or and iPod (2nd gen or higher). iOS 2.0 or later. Also, you need the iTunes 7.7 version or higher. Finally, an iTunes account. Once these requirements are cross-checked, you can start using the iTunes Store on your iOS devices. You can easily search for your desired app or view trending apps in different categories. When you click the app icon, there will be the description to download and install the app, as well as there will the option of payment if the app you selected is paid (premium). iTunes Account Login Guide. As you read, you must have realized that to enjoy the perks of any feature, be it iTunes for Android, Store, App Player, all the users must have an iTunes account. The system to have an account is mandatory as per the regulations of the Apple company. If you have any of the iOS devices from the Apple company, then it is mandatory to have an iTunes account to use its services. Now, having different accounts will not be beneficial for the user as he will have to remember too many IDs and passwords. So, it is recommended that the users should have a single or minimum two iTunes accounts. Creating an account on the iTunes Download app is not at all hasty and is completely free of cost. We have discussed the steps to create an iTunes Account for our readers in this section. According to the mode you choose, there are three modes for the account setup. Read the methods carefully and try any of them: Creating the iTunes Account: This is the fastest method to create an iTunes account. If you have an iTunes App on your PC device then this is the best method to easily create an account. Here’s what you should do: Launch the iTunes Download app on your PC or laptop. Select the “Account” option followed by “sign in”. The next option will be to sign in through the new account or existing account. If you already have an Apple ID then use it and fill the payment mode options to make purchases. If you do not have any previous account then select”Create Apple ID” Fill in the required details and accept the “Terms & Conditions” to proceed. Enter new email address and password for the account, add relevant security questions with appropriate answers and also provide an alternate mail ID for security reasons. Finally, select “Continue” option and your account will be created successfully. Creating the iTunes ID on the iPhone: If you wish to create the account using your iPhone device then follow these steps accordingly: Go to “Settings > iCloud” If you have an Apple ID, log out of the account and select “ Create new Apple ID” Enter your personal details like birth date, regional location, name, gender, etc. Then enter the new email account and strong password. Also, add minimum three security question of your choice. Finally, select “Create” option and the process will be complete. Creating the account on the Official Website: This is also another easy method to create your iTunes download app account. Follow the link given here and fill the form provided. The details are similar to the above two steps. At the end, Apple will send a verification mail that you have to authenticate to create the ID. Account using Official Website. There are many apps from the iTunes Store that require account details and the ID is recorded. Apps like Facetime, iTunes Match, iMessage, Find My iPhone, all require an account for registration and use. Either of these methods will end up having the successful iTunes account. About iTunes Gift Card. This is one of the most unique and awesome features of iTunes Download App in the iPhone or iPod devices. Users can send their friends or family members cool virtual gift cards. The iTunes Store also provides e-cards that users can send to other users to express some feeling. If you have the iPhone or iPod and do not know how to respond to this feature, then read this section of the article to clear your doubts. First, you must install the latest version of the iTunes on your device. If you do not have one follow the sections above to conquer that part. Then what you need is an Apple account ID. In order to purchase items from the iTunes store, the user must have an Apple ID. Next, is the most fun thing of all. When you redeem the gift card, you inherit the credit. For this, you need to turn the card over to the back side and scratch for the code. Then go to the “accounts” option on the screen and select “Redeem” option. Enter the code and your gift card amount will credit to your account. The next screen will come with the exact card details and will ask you to confirm redemption. When you select accept you will get the credit in your iTunes account and the card’s code will be invalid. You can also send e-Cards to your friends using the credit amount or by purchasing from your account payment. How to Play iTunes Radio. The iTunes support live internet Radio for its users. Though it is significant to mention that the service is only available in the US nation as of yet. The iTunes Radio is an alternative to the music purchases that one has to make through the iTunes Store. It has lots of features and advantages over the local Radio channel application. If you have an iOS device, make sure you have installed the latest version of the iTunes download app in it. Here are some more system requirements for the proper functioning of iTunes Radio: iOS 8.4 or later. iTunes 12.2 or more latest. *Android phone with Android 4.3 or later and Apple Music Radio app. Follow the steps here for iPhone or iPod users to use the iTunes Radio on their device: To create a New Station: Obviously, users can enjoy music on the pre-built

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stations but it is more fun to create your own music stations. Here is what you can do to create your own station: Click the “+” (plus) sign icon next to “My Stations” option in the iTunes Radio screen. A screen will pop up showing the search bar where you have to type in the name of an artist or album or song. When you do that the list under the screen starts to fill up with other songs related to the album, genre, or artist. Keep selecting the songs you want and the new station will create under the “My stations” option. Rate the songs and influence station reputation: After you’ve created your station, the music will play continuously, each track relating to the previous one by album or genre or artist at random. With this, you also have to rate your songs so that the station will work accordingly. To rate the songs, while the track is playing, you have to click the ‘Star’ and select one of the rating options. You will see three options which say: “Play More Like This” – songs will be according to the song you just like. “Never Play This Song” – for the song that you do not wish to hear. iTunes Radio will disqualify all songs that relate to the song with this rating. “Add to iTunes Wish List” – This rating will show that you like the particular song and will buy it later. All songs in your wish list are visible under a separate option to make the purchase later. Thanks to the iTunes Radio, users can use online streaming of music anytime they want. In the iTunes Radio, there are ready-made channels and users can create their own channels too. The channel mixing is also an extra advantage to get a huge amount of endless music collection. iTunes Download Alternatives to be considered. Having said much about the iTunes Download app, we must understand that every great app has some drawbacks. Likely, iTunes Store, and other features of the iTunes App are associated with few minor flaws. Of these problems, some are as follows: Constant full program updates of the iTunes App. Users have to download the entire app with each small upgrade. iTunes download app is slow on especially on the PCs. Also, using this app will make other processes slow on your PC. The app takes much storage space with use in time. It is also likely to lose some of the photos or media from our phone because of limited backup support. So, here in this article, we have gathered some useful alternatives for our readers to the iTunes App. Take a look at their description and give any of them a try: TunesGo: The app is similar to iTunes but better. TunesGo makes it easier for users to transfer media content over several devices, unlike the App that limits sharing via computer devices. Here are some more of its basic features: Backup for iTunes library. Transfer selective files through any device with the app. Compatible with Android platform. Transfer content between iOS and Android directly. AnyTrans: This is an app which allows better iOS files management. The app manages the user’s backups from iTunes and iCloud files. Here are some of its features: The app helps users to manage transfer and backup all your files from the iPhone or iPad devices. Works well regardless of the device being Mac or Windows. Easily manages images and organizes them for backup or transfer. The app is simple and efficient for new learners too so that they become adaptable to the app functions. SynciOS: The app is also a helpful alternative to the iTunes Download app. It is used to sync the iOS devices with Windows PC OS. Successfully manages all files and comfortable to use. There are several more alternatives like MediaMonkey, CopyTrans Manager, Ecoute, Fidelia, and Vox which you can look up the internet. They all serve the same purpose as the iTunes App in a slightly different manner. How to take iTunes Backup? For some reasons, you may wish to consider taking the backup of your iTunes files. It is a good habit to actually take the backups frequently after some changes in your device. The user may never realize when their hardware may crash or malfunction hence it’s better to have an extra backup of the iTunes files. Although you have a hard drive backup, you may also want to consider having a cloud backup. The iTunes files can be restored from the iTunes database, which is much easier to access on a computer. Here are the steps that you need to take while taking the backup: Locate the iTunes Media Folder: First and foremost you need to locate your folder with all storage backup on your PC. The default location of the Media folder is in the iTunes folder. This may vary according to the type of device you are using. If you still cannot locate your folder then look for the source by searching the folder in the “documents” or “Local disk” section. Backup the iTunes Library: After locating the folder you would want to update all the files in the iTunes library before you transfer the files to the hard drive. Now to do this follow the steps here: In the app, select “File” then “Library” followed by “Organize Library” In the next window that pops up, select the option named “Consolidate files”. This helps the system to copy the files from the library to the iTunes Media folder. Transfer iTunes folder to Hard drive: Finally, you will now have to transfer the folder to the Hard drive for backup. For this, you need to quit the iTunes and connect the hard drive to your device. Locate the folder of iTunes files and copy it to the suitable location on your hard drive. In the end, after complete transfer, your backup is complete. If you wish to restore the backup and update your iTunes app library then just do the reverse of these steps. Simply transfer the hard drive’s iTunes folder to your device’s default location. This will update your library again. Get iPhone Apps without iTunes Download. The iTunes Store has many apps but not all compatible apps exist in the iTunes alone. You can also opt for other sources to download and install the apps. There are lots of restrictions on various developer’s apps and hence it becomes difficult for the iOS users to enjoy all kinds of apps. The availability of several third party stores gives chances for developers to present their apps through a different

medium other than the iTunes Store. Also that there are no iTunes for Android apps in the market so this is also a disappointing factor. Well, now users can get free apps which are in the iTunes store from other app stores depending on our preferences. There are few factors like device compatibility or violation acts which may vary the choices of methods as given here: Sideloading Apps: This is the simplest technique to get all apps from sources other than the iTunes store. Sideloading is a term used to describe the process of installing apps on the iPhone devices without using the iTunes app store. The trick here is to find the app on some other device that someone is still using or available on his/her device. You can get the app file and upload it to your iTunes backup and reload your library. This way you will easily gain access to your preferred app. Jailbreak your iPhone (Legal apps): Another method to get apps on your iPhone device is to get your iPhone Jailbreak. Users of the Jailbroken iPhone can legally get apps which are no longer available on the iTunes app store. If you have a Jailbroken iPhone then you can use Cydia App as the alternative to iTunes for app downloads. Note that before you have the Jailbreak of your device and install the Cydia App, the Jailbreaking can mess with your phone’s security. your device will no longer be legible for the Apple insurance in case of device malfunction. So, this is a risky step but to get free apps, its worth a shot. Note: Using the Jailbroken device may not be much harmful but in context to legal issues, downloading apps like this is simply a form of piracy. As long as the method is concerned, it can lend you with lots of free apps but we do not promote piracy of apps so it’s a risk for the ones who are willing to take. About iTunes App. The iTunes App on any iOS device is a form of media player, with media library and radio broadcaster application which is developed by the Apple Inc. The users can organize music download and enjoy all music and video content that they desire. It allows users to enjoy tracks downloaded on their device and purchase more from the iTunes store. In this article, you will see why iTunes is said to rock the entertainment industry with features that make it a popular jukebox application around the world. The important difference between iTunes and other media players is that there is a built-in iTunes Store in the App. This allows an integration with iPhone’s and iPod’s portable media player. Since the launch of iPhones in the market, the Apple company does not permit the iTunes support with any other device. The compatibility is at stake but a clear strategy was to convince people to purchase their products and use them only with their company-tailored services. iTunes has been available in the market for a long time, even before iPhone smartphones came into existence. The app player was compatible with Mac and Windows with few amendments and certainly used on the iPod systems to navigate music and video files across its devices. The iTunes App player is required to manage the audio files in an iPhone, iPod, or iPad devices. Users can download and play through the Podcasts or can use the iTunes on their device to play files from the media storage of the device. Additionally, iTunes can read, convert and play files of several different formats. These include Mp3, Wav, MPEG, M4a, and AIFF. Windows iTunes is compatible also with WMA files. A new feature of the iTunes download app is called Genius serves the better part of the purpose of this player. For this, an iTunes account is supposed to be created by the user. This way information on the user’s library tracks is delivered to Apple’s database. The Genius feature then replicates files of the same genre and according to their popularity and trends serve it to the iTunes media library on the user’s device. Hence, here in the end of this article on iTunes Download App for Android, Windows & iPhone Store Free , we would like to thank our readers. We hope that the information in the article is useful to most of our readers. If you have any query or for feedback please write to us at iTunes Download. How to Play iTunes Music on an Android Smartphone. Playing songs from your Apple account on your Android phone is easy. The music-loving world has been shifting toward streaming services such as Spotify and Pandora in recent years, but a good number of us still get music the old-fashioned way: by downloading songs and ripping CDs with the iTunes app on our computers. Getting that music onto an iPhone or iPod is a cinch. In Apple’s closed ecosystem, you can sync multiple devices to your computer and copy your songs onto all of them. You can also subscribe to iTunes Match for $24.99 a year, keeping your music in Apple’s iCloud service and downloading or streaming it to up to 10 different Apple devices. But the process is more complicated for Android customers, who account for 65 percent of all American smartphone users. If you want to play your iTunes songs on an Android phone, here's what you need to do. First, download Google’s Music app to your phone from the Google Play Store (your phone might have come with the app already installed). Next, download Google Play Music Manager to the computer that holds your iTunes account. (This is the same step whether you have a Mac or a PC.) Finally, upload your iTunes library from your computer to Google Music, where you can store up to 50,000 songs for free. Note: Uploading a large number of music files can take hours, so you might want to adjust your computer's energy-saving settings to prevent it from going to sleep, which will interrupt the process. That's it. You can now download or stream your iTunes library to your Android phone. And you have to go through the process only once. After the initial upload, any music downloaded to your computer—from iTunes, Amazon, or anywhere else—will appear in your cloud-based Google Music account. The same goes for playlists—they will automatically appear in your Google Music account. By the way, if you have a subscription to the Apple Music streaming service, none of this is necessary. You can simply download the Apple Music app from the Google Play store just as though it came from any other music-streaming service.